Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab can sometimes seem like a revolving door, subject to astonishing rates of recidivism even among its most devoted participants. One of the startling things about this phenomenon is how “stuck” certain people become on treatments that are demonstrably not working, even despite hundreds of repeat admissions to local detox. If you have come online in search of something better, your instincts may be rewarded.

The truth about 12-step programs is that they rarely work in a vacuum, meaning professional intervention and supervision is essential to a lasting cure. Too many alcohol rehab centers throughout the country subscribe to this model to the exclusion of all else, robbing participants of much-needed talk therapy in order to resolve what is driving that addiction. The result is the paltry data we see everyday—less than five percent of AA members stay sober over the long term.

Thankfully, there is a better way. Today’s forward looking rehab centers combine community and peer counseling with professional therapy, addressing all the concerns that can feed an addiction. From emotional exploration through spiritual counseling, these institutions are blazing a trail toward more comprehensive and authoritative care.

Look around the Web and you should find a number of places whose credentials and success rate may be considered beyond reproach. From there it’s as simple as making contact to see when you can expect to be admitted. Limited enrollment makes the top places harder to broach, so you may want to begin the process as early as possible.