Drug Treatment Centers

There are few afflictions more devastating than drug addiction , which may be one of the reasons a thriving recovery industry continues to pull in major funds each year. The problem, of course, is that most such programs boast astonishingly high recidivism rates, leading thousands of former believers to wonder if there really is a proper treatment for addiction. In fact there is, and all you need to get started are a few basic facts about how the addictive act works.

You may have heard before that addiction is a disease . The problem with this explanation is that it separates the addiction from the individual, ascribing it magically to some sort of “infection” rather than acknowledging its deep emotional roots. The treatment centers that have proved most successful over the years dismiss the disease model altogether and undertake focused, compassionate care via talk therapy and other methods.

Countless methods have proved effective, so past a certain threshold of professionalism it all comes down to taste. Whether you favor massage or athletics, raw foods or decadent meals, you should be able to find treatment facilities that fit the bill. Some alumni of the institutions even remark that the setting itself can be restorative, meaning it pays to stay somewhere beautiful.

The point is to seek out drug treatment centers that provide individualized and flexible therapy throughout your stay. If you have grown tired of falling off the wagon, it may pay to undertake a deeper breed of emotional exploration. The contentment you feel could be measured in exhilarating and sober new memories.